NFPA 20 Series Fire Fighting Pumps Package

North America Pumps Inc involved in the application, design, and assembly of equipment used to fight fires with water (fresh or sea). We are specialists in this type of equipment and make no effort to engage in any other field. We have produced this type of equipment for hundreds of installations worldwide.



North America Pumps Inc developed a standard, unique design, firewater pumping package for offshore application that is easily adapted to hazardous and explosion proof area installation. Our innovative design features for engine starting and control systems using pneumatics are unique in the fire pump industry.

Quality Engineering

North America Pumps Inc designs tough, versatile products to meet your pumping needs. A complete line of Fire Pumps that are U.L. (Underwriter’s Laboratories) listed and FM (Factory Mutual) approved. The industry’s most comprehensive product line includes inline, end suction horizontal split case and vertical turbine models.


  • Complete Unit Responsibility
  • State of the ART Engineering Designs
  • Value Added Services for Customer
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturing Facility

Factory Testing

North America Pumps Inc fire pumps, diesel engine and controllers are tested by their respective factories. The packaged system piping is hydrostatically tested to ensure piping integrity. An electrical test is performed to verify the function of each component. By taking the system approach to a pump package design, important safety features are integrated into the system.