API 610 10th Edition Centrifugal Pumps

North America Pumps Inc API 610 10th Edition pump is designed for covering full range of High Pressure petroleum refinery services, petrochemical plant services, gas processing, oil processing, offshore installations (platforms), hydrocarbon and crude oil pipeline and finished products pipeline services.




  • Designed to meet API 610 10th Edition Standard 300# RF flanged
  • Tangential discharge for hydraulic efficiency
  • Standard dual volute design for 3 inch discharge or larger

Casing and Centreline Mount Support

  • Designed to meet API nozzle lead criteria
  • Renewable Wear Rings


  • Standard enclosed impeller for high efficiency
  • Investment casting for better efficiency and low NPSH characteristic
  • Balance grade: ISO G1.0.

Seal Chamber

  • Designed to meet API 610 and API 682 standards

Deflector & Labyrinth Oil Seal

  • Standard deflector & labyrinth oil seal applied with non-sparkling material

Oil Ring

  • Standard oil ring provides better bearing lubricating condition

Bearing Frame

  • Rigid design provides better vibration characteristics
  • 3 bearing frames cover all models.
  • Metal to metal fits provide run outs and concentricities well within limits specified in API 610

Finned Frame

  • Standard cost finned frame provides natural air cooling & Optional cooling fan improves the cooling condition


  • Duplex Angular contact thrust bearing and deep-groove radial vbearing  to meet API 610 requirements


  • Heavy duty shaft design guarantees minimum shaft deflection and maximum bearing and mechanical seal life

Typical Services

  • Boiler Feed Water
  • High Pressure Water Services
  • Crude Oil Pipeline
  • Crude Products Pipeline
  • Water Injection
  • High Pressure Condensate
  • Propane Transfer
  • Gasoline Pipeline Service
  • NGL Pipeline
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Water Flood
  • HP Amine Circulation
  • High Pressure Refinery Services