North America Pumps, Inc.

North America Pumps, Inc., has manufactured the highest quality pumps and valves. Innovative designs, strict manufacturing procedures and high quality assurance requirements have resulted in a worldwide use of our products. The high efficiency and extended life of our products has culminated in operational and long-life cost savings.

We have a full array of materials available for most applications ranging from cast iron bronze fitted to nickel aluminium bronze and duplex stainless steel, allowing you to pump all types of fluids from seawater to hydrocarbons.

North America pumps, Inc., are designed for use on offshore platforms, pipelines, and refinery services with capacities up to 15,000 US GPM, pressures up to 1,500 PSI and horsepowers to 1,500 for Pumps products.


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image A subtle, yet powerful layout and design that is perfect for any project.
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Assured Quality

image An incredibly flexible layout with versatile module positions for all needs.
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